ITP ry organizes coaching, for it´s members and others interested in learning more, in and outside Helsinki region according to agreement. We have access to the most of the tennis centers in Helsinki region.

We organize tennis trips and camps abroad, where you are most welcome to join. Our coaches are all experienced, professional coaches with long tournament player background.

Hannu, ”Hana” Helminen

Hannu, ”Hana” Helminen, one of Finland´s most experienced professional tennis coaches with over 60 medals in Finnish Championships in various classes.

Mari-Liis Parmas

Mari-Liis Parmas, professional tennis coach who has won World and European Championship in doubles and mixed doubles

Paavo Sivonen ja Riku Helminen

Paavo Sivonen, professional tennis coach, former Finnish National Jr team captain and coach

Riku Helminen, many fold Finnish champion in various classes. European Senior Champion in doubles